blabbi x scorpio mood

It’s not often that the worlds of gaming, fashion, and comedy intersect — but when they do, sheer madness unfolds. Blabbi, a new crossword board game using made-up words, is created by sibling creative duo Olive and Adrian Yu. Alongside Scorpio Mood, an archival Instagram portfolio that curates off-kilter, found-footage imagery that borders the uncanny and whimsical, the pair have created a space, between the cute and grotesque – overlapping both brands’ obsession with finding humour and beauty in the bizarre. 

Despite Blabbi’s goofy premise, the game itself interrogates the absurdity of language creation, cultural specificity, and humour in linguistics and semiotics. Scorpio Mood similarly challenges its audience by evoking an uneasy sense of nostalgia by nodding to familiar cultural phenomena and imagery from art and fashion – effectively reminiscent of a disquieting memory of a forgotten joke or lost photograph.

For this collaboration, they’ve teamed up with photographer Nicholas Eliot, avant-garde puppeteer Nova Odette, and stylist Clara Perlmutter to create a whimsical playdate complete with grotesque puppets and gothic fashion. The product is a piece of photographic storytelling that builds on the infinite realities that arise from improbable juxtapositions.

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photography. Nicholas Eliot
creative direction. Adrian Yu
fashion. Clara Perlmutter
models. Olive Yu
+ Nova Odette
make up. Cindy Lou
assistant. Julian Lopez

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