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There really is no place like home. While we were enjoying
Milan Fashion Week Men’s, another fashion week was going on right in our back garden. This past week, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin took the German city by storm, hosting a range of fashion events across the city’s many cultural sites and repurposed spaces. Naturally, as Berlin is one of our home turfs, we just couldn’t resist seeing what the week had to offer. Here are some events that stuck out to us from the week.

from left to right. Clive Rundle, Floyd Avenue, Viviers

Opening the week was a showcase of designers from South Africa. Deserved attention has been heaped onto African designers as of late; last year saw the first-ever instance of an African designer
winning the LVMH prize, and fashion weeks across the continent are picking up both press and esteem. Looking at the designers brought in to open the week, this spike in attention should come as no surprise. Labels Clive Rundle, Rich Mnisi, Floyd Avenue and Viviers all showed pieces as part of the opening event, offering complex layering and vibrant patterns ripped from the streets of Johannesburg.


Next up on our list is
Neonyt. Sustainability is still the word on everyone’s lips and, at the Neonyt show, a host of designers proved once again that going eco-friendly can be fun, sexy, daring, and everything in between. Selections were made from over 100 designers to create the styles on the runway, offering everything from outerwear to jumpers to socks and more. Paired with the runway show was the Neonyt expo, where topics around the themes of sustainability and innovation in the fashion industry were discussed.

Odeeh aw2020

Moving on to individual designers, we were struck by looks from
Odeeh this season. Led by designers Otto Drögsler and Jörg Ehrlich, the brand offered lively designs perfect for fighting the dreariness of winter. Floral prints and flowing dresses abounded — a stark but appreciated contrast to the industrial Kraftwerk where the show was being presented. Odeeh offered everything we like to see in a collection: range, style and, more importantly, vision. We can’t wait to see what Odeeh has in store for us next.

Nobi Talai aw2020

The last show we’re highlighting from the week is
Nobi Talai. Designer Nobieh Talaei hails from Iran, and while she now lives in Berlin, her Iranian heritage is palpable across this Autumn/Winter collection. The interplay between her two stories — a history in Iran and her present life in Berlin — informs her work to beautiful effect, coming together to create one of the most memorable shows of the week. Regional textiles and traditional garments dominate. Modern styling is given to centuries-old pieces, revitalising this array of classic looks with contemporary flair. Shows like this one reminded us of what we love about Berlin, and we are excited to return to the week next season.

Discover more information about Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin here.

words. Braden Bjella

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