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Thaddeus O’Neil has been stunning in the menswear department. This season marks the very first season he’s branching out to womenswear shown in NYFW. Dubbing the show as “Children of the Carnival,” the theme fits Thaddeus O’Neil’s “high by the beach” vibe. Who says beachwear has to be boring? Thaddeus definitely does not think so. From pineapple print overloads to cute pastel colors, the looks are truly attention worthy. During the presentation, models were playing with beach balls, doodling with chalk, blowing bubbles, and reading by hand-drawn palm trees. The “beach cult” scene was set with sand, seashells, and pink striped wooden houses in a “5th floor Chinatown building synthetic” aesthetic. Take a look behind-the-scenes with Kirk Edwards.

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Words / Harrison Karabaccio
Photography / Kirk Edwards


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