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Stephane Rolland 4

If all that glitters is gold, then couturier Stephane Rolland’s latest collection is the epitome of luminescence. Appearing like grand sculptures, Rolland’s conceptual, yet wearable creations were completely one-of-a-kind. Photographer Alice Jacquemin snapped behind-the-scenes photos of pre-show jitters and excitement. 

Backstage-Stephane-Rolland-FW16_0386 Stephane Rolland 6 Backstage-Stephane-Rolland-FW16_0523 Stephane Rolland 5 Backstage-Stephane-Rolland-FW16_0417 Backstage-Stephane-Rolland-FW16_0259 Stephane Rolland 3 Backstage-Stephane-Rolland-FW16_0228 Backstage-Stephane-Rolland-FW16_0211 Backstage-Stephane-Rolland-FW16_0152 Stephane Rolland 2 Backstage-Stephane-Rolland-FW16_0106 Backstage-Stephane-Rolland-FW16_0047 Backstage-Stephane-Rolland-FW16_0037 Stephane Rolland 1 Backstage-Stephane-Rolland-FW16_0024 Backstage-Stephane-Rolland-FW16_0014

Photography / Alice Jacquemin


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