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Anne Sofie Madsen 1

Danish designer Anne Sofie Madsen’s fragmented creations merged layered organza with diaphanous floral embroideries to symbolize the delicacy of l’existence humaine. The Anne Sofie Madsen woman is vulnerable, but she does not hide behind her clothes – she is a union of both quietude and fortitude. Take a peek behind-the-scenes with photographer Alice Jacquemin

Backstage_AnneSofieMadsen002 Backstage_AnneSofieMadsen058 Backstage_AnneSofieMadsen055 Backstage_AnneSofieMadsen053 Backstage_AnneSofieMadsen050 Backstage_AnneSofieMadsen037 Backstage_AnneSofieMadsen016 Backstage_AnneSofieMadsen013Backstage_AnneSofieMadsen131 Backstage_AnneSofieMadsen124Backstage_AnneSofieMadsen061 Backstage_AnneSofieMadsen111 Backstage_AnneSofieMadsen090Photography / Alice Jacquemin


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