anna victoria best

Looking at the impeccable work of Newcastle Upon Tyne native photographer Anna Victoria Best who is now based in London, it is hard to believe that she is only 21 as her attention to detail in both capturing and post-production of her work is mature beyond her years.

Having only been photographing since she was 17, Best has already done work for a number of big name clients including Nigel Cabourn, Baartmans and Siegel, INDCSN and Velvet Johnstone as well as photographed the legendary rock band The New York Dolls. Her latest endeavours include the realms of videography and creative art direction in order to enhance the stage of her intriguing photography.

In her latest series of menswear photography, Best effortlessly captures the vintage-street chic inspired vibe of the clothing. At first glance of the images, they look as if they are old photographs that had been stored away for decades and have recently been rediscovered.

The fading of the images compiled with the wearing down of the surfaces create an affect that makes it seem like someone is looking at these images and having trouble recalling what happened in them. It is almost like there is a smoke screen covering the images fogging the viewers’ memory of what was in the photograph.

This unique technique proves that Best’s post production capabilities are magnificently carried out to create intriguing works.

Best is currently working with illustrator Nikki Farquharson to create an exciting new artwork collection fusing together Farquharson’s brilliant illustration techniques with Best’s ornate eye for capturing beautiful images.

Visit Anna Victoria Best’s website to see more of her spectacular photography

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