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It’s no mystery that South London is a new frontier for all things culture: music has always been the heart, beat and pulse of the space, from Bowie’s Brixton roots to a more recent wave of Grime, with the South Croydon movement. Not limited to the status quo, artists have often resorted to the niche of the South for the space to develop, away from rocketing rent prices. Following on from the birth of Garage in the US, UK Garage took root in South London in the ‘90s. In a short documentary on the subject, Thump follows Artwork, the Croydon born-and-bred DJ, whose ventures include being part of Magnetic Man, as well as a host of other global musical enterprises.

AW_Croydon Mkt Peckam_Franks

Following Artwork, Thump introduces us into the lesser-known cultural treasures of South London. Artwork draws us in to the space that birthed UK house, garage and dance music, which for him is his now derelict first record store on Peckham’s Rye Lane. He also takes us on a diversion via DnR Vinyl in Croydon. As a proactive host, Artwork lets us discover his area, introducing friends old and new, from the local street stall matron whom he used to terrorise, to his old co-producers and colleagues.

AW_RWThrown into the heart of his neighbourhood and into the havens that are his favourite record stores, we discover off-the-charts spots in Peckham – places only true insiders would know about. South London has a personal history for Artwork – every club, venue and street is intricately linked to Artwork’s career, carving his way onto an international scene from Peckham’s streets. Who better than a music insider to open the doors to the South London borough?

Rife with personal and cultural history, the neighbourhood is brought to life through the hospitality and openness of exemplary host Artwork. An antidote to common notions of travel, Airbnb puts the spice back into life. It’s a way to reimagine and rediscover travelling – one that puts experience at the heart of it all. What better way to discover the local haunts, kooky record stores, or niche eateries? Airbnb has the key to travel. Don’t go there, live there. Even if it’s just for the night.

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