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The maestro of menswear, Giorgio Armani, has fortified the vitality of exquisite tailoring and classic silhouettes with his Men’s Spring/Summer 2025 collection. Through his use of sophisticated shapes, muted colour palette, and interchangeable pieces, the show exuded confidence – and most importantly, elegance. The show, held in Milan on Monday, 17th of June, saw the likes of Matt Bomer, Russel Crowe, and Ryota Katayose grace the front row, radiating the same air of refinement. 

A casual dark grey striped suit – with asymmetrical waistcoat and shirt peeking out underneath, chunky leather loafers and woven navy belt – opened the show, alluding to the juxtaposition between easygoing summer styles and crisp suiting present throughout its entirety. A palm tree printed v-neck t-shirt was worn over a long-sleeved summer knit, a flowy wide-leg trouser was tucked into boots, and a suit jacket was worn over a bare chest, decorated only with a printed neck scarf. In direct contrast, three-piece suits, button-up shirts, ties, pocket squares, and suspenders weaved their way throughout the collection. As a perfect mix of the two styles, a grey striped cardigan with a white button-up shirt and black tie, balloon trousers, and crossbody purse, found its way down the runway. 

Known for his non-colours, Armani stuck with a palette of soft blue, beige, eggshell, navy, dusty pink, and about fifty shades of grey. The classic colour palette, paired with both contemporary and timeless elements, created a body of work that cannot be dated – and, therefore, one that will serve wardrobes for years to come. Metallic thread-woven jackets, trousers, and boxy waistcoats made a brief appearance, shimmering under the bright runway lighting, adding another level of interest. 

Large fabric tote bags with leather straps, duffle bags, clutches, and crossbody purses complemented various other accessories peppered throughout the collection. Sun and Panama hats sat atop models’ heads, futuristic sunnies brought a modern touch, and simplistic belts acted as the cherry on top. 

The final look, a navy asymmetrical button, no lapel blazer and matching straight-leg trousers, paired with loafers, was the epitome of refinement. While not oozing the same informality as the first look, it remained just as effortless – leaving spectators longing for more of Armani’s quintessential staples. 

images. Giorgio Armani
words. Amber Louise

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