backstage at paris women’s | a.f vandevorst

AF Vandevorst 3The engines of motorcycles roared as models dispersed onto the runway à la James Dean. A.F Vandevorst’s mutineer metier was a powwow of inky pleats and reimagined military style jackets meticulously embroidered with spindly chain and spiky silver hardware. Take a look at Alice Jacquemin‘s exclusive snaps of the polished looks before their debut on the catwalk.

Backstage_AF-Vandervorst659AF Vandevorst 1Backstage_AF-Vandervorst586 Backstage_AF-Vandervorst165 Backstage_AF-Vandervorst115 Backstage_AF-Vandervorst018AF Vandevorst 2Backstage_AF-Vandervorst213 Backstage_AF-Vandervorst772 Backstage_AF-Vandervorst581 Backstage_AF-Vandervorst580 Backstage_AF-Vandervorst572 Backstage_AF-Vandervorst570 Backstage_AF-Vandervorst558 Backstage_AF-Vandervorst477 Backstage_AF-Vandervorst333 Backstage_AF-Vandervorst278

Photography / Alice Jacquemin


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