UNIQLO HEATTECH takes to the streets with GRAFFITI LIFE


Londoners will be familiar with the unpredictable and difficult weather that the British capital seems to serve unfalteringly. When it comes to leading a day-to-day job outdoors, being prepared for such volatility is no mean feat. With the change of season now upon us, and with temperatures plummeting by the day, dressing the part is crucial. Being prepared for a day outdoors is a task worthy of a bit of attention. One such a daily routine is that of a street artist. London-based Graffiti Life, a collective of artists who use the walls of London as their canvas, are exposed to the elements on a day-in, day-out basis. In light of this, the technology of thermal gear HEATTECH by UNIQLO provides the perfect solution to the challenges of winter. Bringing HEATTECH to the city, UNIQLO caters for an outdoor urban lifestyle, with cutting-edge fabric that locks body heat in the air pockets of the fibres. Working with leading textile manufacturer Toray, UNIQLO has perfected the HEATTECH technology through the means of extensive research, with no less than ten thousand samples created before reaching the cold-combatting wonder that is HEATTECH.

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To prove just how versatile the pieces are, UNIQLO is teaming up with Londoners who work outdoors. Bringing the bold, colourful and creative visions of graphic art to the streets of London, Graffiti Life battle with the elements on a daily basis. From abandoned warehouses, to railway sidings, working in the field of street art throws up unexpected, and, perhaps, more predictable obstacles. Warmth and keeping dry are the priority. When you think thermal gear, visions of Michelin men come to mind. That’s where UNIQLO steps in: with the HEATTECH thermals being as thin as 0.55mm, the pieces are flexible, easy to wear and don’t require excessive layering to be effective.

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Testing the HEATTECH clothing range in the field, the Graffiti Life collective takes to the streets clad in the second skin pieces. The result of this endeavour? Easily adapting to the kind of physical movements that street art requires, HEATTECH proves to be ideal – from clambering up and down ladders, to dealing with rain, being a graffiti artist means being ready. Unsurprisingly, the HEATTECH gear lived up to the road test.

Feeling the first bite of the winter months? Why not take the test for yourselves? Head to your nearest UNIQLO store to test the HEATTECH range and to collect your free HEATTECH t-shirt!

Discover the HEATTECH collection here.

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