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Swag Jeweller launch the beautiful new Pandora spring collection for 2014.

This collection captures everything that is special about spring, with delicate butterflies, pretty flowers and an array of spring pastel shades including pink, purple blue and white. With a number of new charms, rings, necklaces and earrings, Pandora are letting us know that spring is finally here! One charm that encompasses all the grace of spring is the ‘Butterfly Kisses Murano Bead’ which is made of murano glass and features hand-painted butterflies. This charm comes in pastel pink, blue and white.

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One of the main butterfly designs used across numerous pieces in the collection is sterling silver with intricate detail on the wings and body. This butterfly is featured as earrings, a ring, on various charm designs and as a large sized pendant on a necklace.

Another reoccurring style in the collection is a simple white enamel daisy which is available on different pieces of the spring jewellery. This pretty flower gives a really fresh look perfect to match cute daytime outfits.

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Pandora has also created a completely new way of wearing all your favourite spring collection charms with a multi-strand string bracelet, which comes in lavender and pink. Unlike the previous sterling charm bracelets, it is made of soft material with four separate threads all joining together in the classic Pandora clip.

To celebrate the FIFA world cup 2014 the collection features a charm dedicated to Brazil. It is in the shape of the country and decorated in the flag colours, as they are the hosts of the tournament this year.

The beautiful new collection really does cover everything with sophisticated pieces reflecting the fresh new start to spring, warmer weather and graceful pastel colours we have all been waiting to add to our wardrobe. Don’t miss out on even more pieces of the spring collection with statement rings, drop earrings and even more brand new charms all available to buy on the Swag website: www.swaguk.co.uk.

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