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Tom Ford Beauty
Limited Edition Eye Duo in Ripe Plum
Limited Edition Mascara in Black


In this 3rd instalment of Schön! exclusive beauty story by Brian Ziff, our pallid host begins to melt away, metamorphosing into the fertile grounds for a vibrant spring garden. All around her icy visage, with Tom Ford highlights by Mynxii White, new life bursts forth with sweet eruptions of magenta and daisies, piquing the curiosity of birds, encouraged ever closer to their lush new home.

This Schön! exclusive series was produced by

Photography, Music & Words / Brian Ziff
Animation / Ethan Chancer
Creative Director & Beauty / Mynxii White
Model / Erika Labanauskaite @ NEXT
Hair / Anna Estella Patterson
Styling / Sarah Toshiko West
Makeup Assistant / Elsie Simone

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