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The power couple that form Ralph & Russo returned for a third season in Paris to unearth a majestic collection inspired by artist Sandro Botticielli’s “Primavera” and classical painter Nicolas Poussin’s “Realm of Flora.” Tamara Ralph and Michael Russo challenged conventional silhouettes with highly sophisticated draping and tier formations, alluding to flowery symbolic myths. Previewing the SS 15 collection, Schön! brings you the details of the collection from backstage with photographer Alice Jacquemin.

RalphRusso1 Backstage-RalphRusso_0006 Backstage-RalphRusso_0008 Backstage-RalphRusso_0322 Backstage-RalphRusso_0315 Backstage-RalphRusso_0279 Backstage-RalphRusso_0246 Backstage-RalphRusso_0205 Backstage-RalphRusso_0180 Backstage-RalphRusso_0158 Backstage-RalphRusso_0155 Backstage-RalphRusso_0143 Backstage-RalphRusso_0138 Backstage-RalphRusso_0135 Backstage-RalphRusso_0103 Backstage-RalphRusso_0074 Backstage-RalphRusso_0039 Backstage-RalphRusso_0029 Backstage-RalphRusso_0025 Backstage-RalphRusso_0018

Photography / Alice Jacquemin


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