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Designer handbags: not everyone has one, but many want one. The glamour and prestige of carrying around the bag of a renowned designer makes women (and men) weak in the knees. These bags are handmade with a quality and elegance that distinctly sets them apart from less bespoke pieces. Which is why, the process of acquiring accessories as coveted as these can be difficult and stressful. The decisions of ‘which bag’ and ‘how to buy it’, combined with the fact that many of these bags can be difficult to source, can lead to a potential nightmare!

A solution to this dilemma is the employment of a ‘personal shopper’. Essential to the luxury-shopping world, personal shoppers can provide both professional advice about what bag is best for you, as well as help in sourcing and transporting the bag, not so simple tasks.

Don’t know where to start? Not sure what your ‘dream bag’ even is? Never fear – a good personal shopper can help steer you in the right direction and pick the perfect bag based on your preferences and style.  They know what styles are in, what is most sought after, and what will have longevity and remain ‘timeless’ in the fashion world.

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Whilst in general it is best to steer clear of the ‘It’ bags that are popular simply because they are the ‘next big thing’, the designer bag industry also has its fair share of classics that are popular across the globe. In particular, the Hermès Birkin Bag is one of the most prestigious and desired fashion items – made even more so after Kanye West bought one for socialite fiancé, Kim Kardashian. This further emphasises the fact that the Hermès Birkin is far more than just a bag. It is a collectible and a piece of art.

As such, it should come as no surprise that there is a waiting list, and a lengthy one at that, and even then you are not guaranteed to get one!

This is where personal shopping comes in. Personal shopping services, such as that of Quintessentially Gifts, take the stress out of the process to help ensure that you are ‘getting what you paid for’. Specialising in handpicking the world’s most luxurious designer brands, Quintessentially Gifts is one of the most trusted and reliable consigners of Hermès bags and accessories. Specifically, they reduce the time and due diligence required to own this premium brand – why spend weeks researching how to acquire this exclusive bag when a professional can do it for you, guaranteed?

So if you’re unsure how to go about finding your ‘perfect bag’ – or just don’t have the time to spare searching for one, then personal shoppers are the way to go. In particular, Quintessentially Gifts offer a fantastic service for those that are after a trustworthy retailer. After all, this isn’t just a handbag; it is a collector’s item, one that will be with you for the rest of your life! 

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