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The festive season inevitably brings with it a fair dose of relaxing in the warm. Come Christmas, we’ll be sure to be locked up indoors out of the cold. What better than a OnePiece jumpsuit to lounge about in? Combining the comfort of the tracksuit with the practicality of a jumpsuit, OnePiece is innovative when it comes to reaching unprecedented heights in comfortable leisurewear. You wouldn’t be the only one to be seduced by the appeal of a OnePiece jumpsuit this end of year – the brand, launched in 2007, has gone on to become a worldwide sensation. With over 1000 retailers in over 100 countries, it’s safe to say OnePiece has become a bit of a hit.


Luckily for you, the OnePiece Christmas calendar has exclusive deals running every day through Advent on the OnePiece website. This Wednesday, buy three items, and only pay for two. The cheapest item will be free! That’s one way of getting Christmas shopping done quickly. In one fell swoop, one purchase will have your present list sorted. Discover the OnePiece deals here!

Get three items for the price of two with #OnePieceXmas

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