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Jean Paul Gaultier married the very best of masculine cuts and feminine silhouettes in his wedding couture show. The French designer popped the question to 61 girls, and we couldn’t help but say yes to all of them. Supermodel legend and Schön! cover star Naomi Campbell concluded the show as an interpretation of a tossed flower bouquet. This is one défilé that evoked a mix of wedding time jitters and bipolar, rock ‘n’ roll chic – a juxtaposition that keeps us coming back for more Gaultier. Previewing the SS 15 collection, Schön! brings you the details of the collection from backstage with photographer Alice Jacquemin.

JPG Backstage-Jean-Paul-Gaultier_0012 Backstage-Jean-Paul-Gaultier_0025 Backstage-Jean-Paul-Gaultier_0032 Backstage-Jean-Paul-Gaultier_0042 Backstage-Jean-Paul-Gaultier_0055 Backstage-Jean-Paul-Gaultier_0060 Backstage-Jean-Paul-Gaultier_0066 Backstage-Jean-Paul-Gaultier_0074 Backstage-Jean-Paul-Gaultier_0099 Backstage-Jean-Paul-Gaultier_0110 Backstage-Jean-Paul-Gaultier_0144 Backstage-Jean-Paul-Gaultier_0146 Backstage-Jean-Paul-Gaultier_0150  Backstage-Jean-Paul-Gaultier_0177 Backstage-Jean-Paul-Gaultier_0496 Backstage-Jean-Paul-Gaultier_0475 Backstage-Jean-Paul-Gaultier_0448 Backstage-Jean-Paul-Gaultier_0430 Backstage-Jean-Paul-Gaultier_0425 Backstage-Jean-Paul-Gaultier_0424  Backstage-Jean-Paul-Gaultier_0390 Backstage-Jean-Paul-Gaultier_0366 Backstage-Jean-Paul-Gaultier_0292 Backstage-Jean-Paul-Gaultier_0259 Backstage-Jean-Paul-Gaultier_0240   Backstage-Jean-Paul-Gaultier_0205 Backstage-Jean-Paul-Gaultier_0180

Photography / Alice Jacquemin


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