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In an exquisite lettre d’amour to his native Beirut, Elie Saab, took us on a nostalgic voyage of his past, ironically heralding, what we can only hope, is the future of haute couture. With an unparalleled attention to detail, Saab imagined an outwardly magnificent collection where every bead glistened as if each one was individually polished pre-runway. Previewing the SS 15 collection, Schön! brings you the details of the collection from backstage with photographer Alice Jacquemin.

Backstage-Elie-Saab_0019 Backstage-Elie-Saab_0023 Backstage-Elie-Saab_0020 Elie Saab Backstage-Elie-Saab_0036 Backstage-Elie-Saab_0189 Backstage-Elie-Saab_0186 Backstage-Elie-Saab_0176 Backstage-Elie-Saab_0171 Backstage-Elie-Saab_0126 Backstage-Elie-Saab_0116 Backstage-Elie-Saab_0044

Photography / Alice Jacquemin


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