backstage at PFW | anne sofie madsen


Anne Sofie Madsen warped time with her inventive collection of hand weaving and patchwork. Titled Days of Future Passed, the collection concentrated on the construction of deconstruction as something otherworldly and misplaced. Photographer Jarka Snajberkova headed behind-the-scenes to catch the models moments before they hit the catwalk.

AnneSofieMadsen_photoJarkaSnajberkova_MG_4980 AnneSofieMadsen4 AnneSofieMadsen_photoJarkaSnajberkova_MG_5015 AnneSofieMadsen3 AnneSofieMadsen1 AnneSofieMadsen_photoJarkaSnajberkova_MG_5667 AnneSofieMadsen_photoJarkaSnajberkova_MG_5635_2 AnneSofieMadsen_photoJarkaSnajberkova_MG_5184

Photography / Jarka Snajberkova


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