Schön! Video presents |10 words by bruce labruce part 2

Bruce LaBruce / Image by Vincent Urbani

Bruce LaBruce / Image by Vincent Urbani

Part two of our mini film series 10 Words by legendary filmmaker, writer and artist Bruce LaBruce. Here, Bruce talks Schön! through the personal significance of words from Fetish: “My first film was about a hairdresser who has a sexual fetish for skinheads… I confess to having the same fetish” to Death: “Death isn’t as definitive as it once was”.

This Schön! online exclusive was brought to you by:
Concept and video / Vincent Urbani
Executive Assistant / Benito Olias
Set Coordinator / Matti Heikonenn
Studio / Lubeck99

Copyright © Vincent Urbani 2013

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