Schön! Video presents | 10 words by bruce labruce part 1

Bruce La Bruce / Image by Vincent Urbani

Bruce La Bruce / Image by Vincent Urbani

Film maker, writer, director, artist, photographer and pornographer Bruce LaBruce talks Schön! through 10 words that have shaped his life and career. In Part 1 of 10 Words by Bruce La Bruce, Bruce covers Sex: “a big, little word”, Violence: “Something about the idea of blood is provocative and stimulating”, Demagoguery: “…he pretends to be a man of the people” and Silence: “The absence of sound is in a sense a kind of music”.

10 Words by Bruce La Bruce. Part I from Schön! Magazine on Vimeo.

Come back tomorrow to see Part 2 of 10 Words by the fascinating Bruce LaBruce.

This Schön! online exclusive was brought to you by:
Concept and video / Vincent Urbani
Executive Assistant / Benito Olias
Set Coordinator / Matti Heikonenn
Studio / Lubeck99

Copyright © Vincent Urbani 2013

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