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Collaborating with the Seoul Design Foundation, Berlin’s Voo Store recently showcased ten of Korea’s most talented designers. The 10 Soul Project consists of ten designers carefully selected by fashion industry officials participating in Seoul Fashion Week. Adapting to reflect the avant-garde nature of the event, designer Frederik Fialin transformed the aesthetic of Voo Store by installing abstract structures and neon signage emblematic of the streets of Gangnam.

What unifies these designers is their propensity toward externalising their inner authenticity through the medium of design. When asked why fashion is important to them, the responses range from SEOKWOON YOON explaining that “fashion is everything” for him, to founder of BOURIE, Eunhye Jo, questioning whether fashion is all that important after all. Each and every one of these artists has a new perspective on design which never fails to disrupt our expectations.

Much like his designs which transcend clothing tradition through their alternate forms, for MAXXIJ, “fashion is a language for [him] to express [his] ideas and imagination”. A celebration of colour and form, each piece invites its wearer to venture into an “experimental and liberating experience through fashion”. In three words, the designer’s vision for the future of fashion is “expressive, forward and fearless”. By demonstrating the freedom that comes with defying the expectations of design, MAXXIJ hopes to help people find new ways to express themselves and to become “whatever they want to be”.

Jinhee Moon of Moon J views fashion as an integral part of “the process to find out who you are”. Through experimentation with different styles and textures, she demonstrates how we can learn about ourselves through the way we choose to dress. Jinhee applies microscopic focus to every element of her design — infusing the smallest of seams with meaning. As the world becomes more digitised by the day, the fashion industry in turn must adapt. Moon J is currently exploring innovative new ways to express our inner authenticity and tell our stories through digital fashion spheres.


For designer Eunhye Jo of BOURIE, what is more important than fashion itself is how we can translate its meaning into our lives. Each BOURIE collection is made with longevity in mind as she designs clothing that her “daughter and granddaughter can inherit”. The pieces are pregnant with memories and a sense of nostalgia forming connections between generations. Renowned for her sensual tailoring technique, every garment designed by Eunhye fits its wearer like a glove. A true protest against the unsustainable fast fashion business model, BOURIE proves itself to be a brand with both the people and the planet at its heart.

In its most traditional definition, fashion is fast-paced and evolving. Ever since his very first day in Pratt Institute, SEOKWOON YOON found himself captivated by the industry’s dynamism of which he could never tire. The designer explores the relationship between fashion and art through his conceptual collections. The result of his innovative experimentation is the construction of wearable art which puts the wearer at the centre of their own exhibition. Above-all, SEOKWOON’s work empowers through its refusal to conform to expectation.

In an industry which is often highly pressurised, 10 Soul aims to support creatives who break the status quo with their innovative artistic visions. By promoting a range of designers, the project strives to provide Korea’s most talented designers with international opportunities to share their work. At the very heart of Berlin’s trendy Kreuzberg district, Voo Store could not be better suited for such a cutting-edge project. As emphasised by SEOKWOON YOON, this collaboration is about the search for a “new road” for fashion design.

all photos. Courtesy of Voo Store
words. Cordelia Speed

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