♥ we’ll be together again

Flowers are the age old way of professing love. Of course flowers are great, but if you’re hankering after a more unique take on this romantic gift The Real Flower Company could provide just that. All the greatest love stories secretly influence our deepest romantic fantasies: Romeo and Juliet, Elizabeth and Mr Darcy… Barbie and Ken.

Well maybe not Barbie and Ken, but in 2011 when Ken began a viral campaign to win back his beloved Barbie, it was the story that captured hearts on the Internet. Fortunately Barbie said yes and February 14th 2013 will mark the two year anniversary of their reunion. To celebrate, The Real Flower Company has been asked to create an exclusive bouquet with a Barbie pink twist! Each bouquet includes hand tied vibrant fuchsia and peony pinks with mint, rosemary and eucalyptus and they’re beautifully gifted in the trademark Real Flower Company Hatbox. Ken and Barbie unfortunately do not come with the flowers but the unique hatbox can be kept as a memento long after the flowers have faded.

To get your own bunch visit The Real Flower Company website here!

Words/Jade Thompson.
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