♥ jump for my love

There aren’t many things that come close to the adrenaline rush that love brings, except for maybe a bungee jump. Jumping into the air with only a rope tied to your ankles to save you may not be everyone’s dream date so choose with caution, however if you would like to experience a one of a kind rendezvous, then look no further. Virgin Experiences are offering you the chance to take part in a tandem jump with your loved one, aptly titled ‘Lovers Leap’. After being briefed by an instructor you will both be securely attached to a harness and then, JUMP! Once it’s completed you’ll be given a chance to relax and unwind with champagne, guaranteed to kick start your Valentine’s Day in an extremely special way.

To purchase your Lovers Leap head over to the virgin experience days website!

Words / Jade Thompson
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