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Roma’s Calling/

There’s no place like Roma. Distinctive for its history, cuisine, culture and sights it’s a hub of fascination for... >>

Street Samart by Ruben Tomas styled by Dustin Zuber_05

Street Smart/

Photographer Ruben Tomas captures the air of an autumnal New York street in this Schön! online exclusive editorial. Stylist Dustin Zuber adorns model Liza Yermalovich... >>

day 4 feature

Paris Fashion Week Narratives/

The fourth day of Paris Fashion Week focused on the aesthetic wonders of storytelling. From Issey Miyake’s architectural constructions... >>


Backstage at Aganovich/

A dual-tone palette of white and red greeted Schön! and photographer Corrine Noel as we headed backstage at the... >>



  Photographer Corrine Noel takes us backstage at the Anrealage show,... >>



StolenFriends is an up & coming Australian clothing company,... >>

#INMYELEMENT With Timberland/

#INMYELEMENT With Timberland/

Launching a trans-national project of cultural and social exchange, Timberland introduces Life Swaps, a project which offers a traveller’s... >>

KK2 / Shoulder bag
Size / W19,5 x H14 x D4 (Shoulder 50cm)
Material / *Abrasivato calf leather
Color / Black
Lining color / Black
Accessories color / Antique gold

*Abrasivato calf leather is a leather made with a process of impregnation of the skin which gives an extremely smooth varnish shine.
The body of the leather is very firm and sturdy.


With minimal and classic designs, as well as with great attention to quality, accessories label AMBEREBMA is particularly innovative.... >>